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More color for your bathroom

Colors play an increasingly important role in the bathroom. They open up new possibilities of interior design and also have a positive effect on the mind.

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The first way in the morning leads to the bathroom. Fresh purple or blue tones are much more likely to kill fatigue than sterile white. We show them various design options to bring more color to the surfaces in your bathroom.

Beautify tiles

The disguising of the tiles is still the most common type of wall design in the bathroom. Of course, there is always the possibility to exchange the old tiles in the bathroom for new, colorful specimens. But those who shy away from this effort can spice up their tiles more easily. Popular are mosaic tiles, which are placed on the old tiles. Viewed individually, the mosaic tiles are not very spectacular, but when several are grouped together as a pattern, they give the bathroom a new look in an instant. The mosaic tiles are available in many different colors. They are also available in paisley patterns as well as in photorealistic representations.
An equally good solution to putting some paint on tiles is tile stickers. These stickers work the same as wall decals and have the advantage that they can be removed without leaving any residue. Boring joints can be painted with joint paint.

Wall paint for the bathroom

If you only partially tiled your bathroom or even completely dispensed with tiles, you can paint the walls with a special wall paint for the bathroom. The color used must withstand the water vapor in the bath and be resistant to mold and bacteria. Whether subtle pastel tones or bright colors, the choice of wall colors is great. A suggestion for your personal color concept we give you here.
Beautiful design options also arise when the spatula or Mineralputztechnik is used. To waterproof the applied mass, however, several passes are necessary. This method therefore requires a lot of time.

Brand new: decorative showering

A completely new way to bring color to the bathroom is the decorative shower . Since no images can be hung in the bathroom to beautify the walls, it is a great alternative to the simple design of surfaces. The glass surface of the shower cubicle is available anyway, as it can also be used creatively and, for example, designed as a Caribbean beach. Thanks to a special printing process, the motifs are printed on the glass wall. This creates a new, colorful flair in the bathroom.
By using paint on tiles, walls or shower cubicles, the bathroom becomes a personal oasis of well-being. Since certain colors have different effects on the psyche, you can use the colors in the bathroom right away to improve your mood.

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