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Meditate for beginners

Book tip: Instructions for meditation

Sitting still for ten minutes can be a real challenge. We reveal how you can escape the daily bustle for a short time and discover a place of relaxation through meditation.

Meditating for beginners
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Stop! In the world of Twitter, Facebook and smartphones, would you like to pull the emergency brake and get out of the hectic everyday life for a few minutes? The little meditation guide "Calm the Spirit" shows you how this is possible.

Six steps to a successful meditation, we reveal in our gallery (6 images):

"Meditation is nothing but a means to give our consciousness a well-deserved break, " author Matthew Johnstone writes in the preface. Those who meditate regularly will feel younger and more alive, easier to concentrate and sleep better. Meditation should balance the metabolism, lower the blood pressure and even relieve pain.

Meditating wants to be learned

A diver in the deep sea or an astronaut in space: with inner pictures that radiate peace and serenity, you can tune into meditation. In the form of a children's book, the meditation guide gives vivid hints for the search for inner silence.

If you can easily distract yourself from ambient noise while sitting still, feel stiff and uncomfortable and can not turn off disturbing thoughts, you should first follow Johnstone's advice: Do not get angry! Because only practice makes perfect.

Literature tip:

"Calm the Mind: An Illustrated Introduction to Meditation" by Matthew Johnstone (Art Man, around 15 Euro) order here at Amazon >>

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