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Furniture, plants and decoration: Everything for the mini-balcony

With a few simple tips and tricks you can also conjure up a summery oasis from a small balcony.
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Place there!

Soak up the sun, sniff the fresh air - that's on the smallest balcony. But have breakfast and gardening extensively? That too!

With the right outdoor furniture and helpers, we conjure up a summery oasis out of your mini-balcony .

If you have little space, it is important that your balcony furniture flexibly adapt to the circumstances - flexible, mobile and multifunctional is the magic formula.

Tip: Ran on the hook! Folding furniture is quickly cleared away and protected against wind and weather on the wall.

Assistant director: Folding chair "Seax" made of outdoor leather makes itself thinner when needed. From about 1, 480 €, Dedon

Up to half: Table "Parklife" is foldable, half round and weatherproof. About € 79, butler

White dwarf: "Lodge" hangs on the railing, the plate can be folded down. Approximately 40 €, butlers

All- rounder: armchair, lounger, table and stool: all four are in this cube. Abca. 1, 270 €, ego Paris

Green area on a small scale

Plants? Definitely! In clever pots, they also thrive in confined spaces.

Tip: Practical for every balcony gardener: plant pretty and easy-care summer blooms like nasturtium or clematis .

Presentable: Flower stand "Socker", 162 cm high, ca. 30 €, Ikea

Twice as good: grow and grill herbs - no problem with "Hot Pot BBQ". Approximately 84 €, Black + blum over

Harvesters: terracotta plates for your own Würz stars. Each about 3 €, Butlers

For the ton: Goes well too: bucket for green waste, about 27 €, Amara

Privacy protection in every size

Good for wind, sun or curious eyes: the escort for more privacy and atmosphere.

Tip: For shading textiles, pay attention to sun protection according to UV Standard 801. It is considered very good from UPF 40 onwards.

XL compartments: To attach to the house wall, 140 cm long, ca.60 €,

Topwipes: Thanks to the floral pattern, parasol "Shady-lace" conjures up shadow play like a tree. Ca.245 €, Droog about Connox

Well camouflaged: UV-resistant screen, 100 x 300 cm, approx. 60 €, Heine

On patrol: Textile panel "Dyning" for clamping on the railing, approx. 10 €, Ikea

Decoration with flair

What's comfortable inside, works outside too: light, fabrics and pretty eye-catchers . It will be wonderfully comfortable in no time with a few pillows on the bench or chairs.

Tip: Everything that hangs, takes no space. How about a birdcage filled with candles, twigs and decorative animals?

Water level: Lacquered metal watering can "Bittergurka", approx. 8 €, Ikea

Water features: Fountain in tasteful gray in a pleasing round shape with 2 levels. For indoor and outdoor. 79.95 €, impressions

On the wrong track : fast laid and cozy: floor grid "Runnen", nine pieces, approx. 17 €, Ikea

Golden Boy: Garden Gnome "Sitting Gnomy", 43 cm high, about 69 €, Icarus

Lantern: Made of clear glass, with white print "Do not dream your life live your dream", dark brown leather strap and silver-colored spring pendant. Height about 27 cm, 19, 95 €, impressions