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Maxi Arland: "I'm just the artist, my wife is the secret boss with us!"

Maxi Arland and his wife Andrea.
Photo: Imago / Sp ttel Picture

Visiting the TV star and his Andrea

TV presenter Maxi Arland and his wife Andrea (30) have been a couple for 14 years. He the star, she the self-confident TV producer. But what is the secret of her love? We visited the two at Chiemsee ...

Who has the pants on you?

Maxi: I'm just the artist, and my wife is the secret boss of ours. I am very proud of Andrea. She has completed two courses. I would have been too impatient for that.

Andrea: I am very glad that you say that. I took over the management of our production company.

What about child planning?

Andrea: Children are very lucky and one day we will surely become parents.

Maxi: We want to be there for our offspring, raise it ourselves. That's why we still take our time. I saw it with so many colleagues: they were traveling 200 days a year, the children were raised by their grandparents. And we do not want that.

What is your love secret?

Maxi: It's important that you never lose your respect. You have to make sure that everyday life does not stop, with Trott hardly possible in our lives.

They look very harmonious. Are there any quarrels in Arland?

Andrea: Definitely!

Maxi: The scraps are flying here, too. But we are never angry for long.

Is jealousy part of a happy marriage?

Maxi: I think so. If she is no longer there, then something is wrong with the relationship. I am always charming and friendly to my colleagues, which Andrea sometimes does not like. Then she gets jealous and that makes me happy!

Andrea: You're not any better for that (laughs).