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Marvin Albrecht: He is so in love with Bachelorette Anna Hofbauer

Marvin from Bachelorette

Marvin Albrecht prevailed in the final of "The Bachelorette" against his competitors. And against all the doubts he is still the man of Anna Hofbauer's side.

Marvin Albrecht and Anna Hofbauer
Photo: @anna_hofbauer on Instagram

Marvin Albrecht has done it! After more than a month on the television show "The Bachelorette", the smart Düsseldorf player can hold his dream wife Anna Hofbauer firmly in his arms. But even after the finale of the series, the love carousel continues for Marvin. What began as an experiment on television has become a personal love story.

Marvin Albrecht prevailed against these candidates with his charming style!

"This relationship is fake! You are not in love!": Marvin Albrecht and Anna Hofbauer have to fight with evil rumors after the broadcast of "The Bachelorette" again and again. With new evidence of love and joint public appearances, the couple skillfully holds against it and wants to punish its critics with lies.

Loving smile Marvin Albrecht and Anna Hofbauer have found each other.

Although Marvin Albrecht has a lot to do even with his jobs as a model, he takes care of the concerns of his no-longer-bachelorette. For example, when Anna created her own Instagram account at the end of October 2014, the Beau spread the message humorously on his Facebook account. ("The press has speculated hotly .. NOW there is finally something to announce.")

And Anna? One of the first pictures the Muscial actress posted was, of course, a love-provocation selfie. Marvin Albrecht and Anna Hofbauer united on the sofa in Oldenburg. A love that is almost too good to be true.

After Zicken terror and erotic escapades: So it goes for the other candidates of the show in love!