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Marjan & Lukas private: "With small rituals we show each day how much we love each other."

What a pretty couple! Marjan and Lukas have been happy for seven years. Which does not exclude that they also sometimes disagree.
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After his debut with Carmen Nebel, the couple talks about marriage and similarities

The two combine a love story that could not be more romantic: as "Romeo" and "Julia" Marjan Shaki (31) and Lukas Perman (31) fell in love seven years ago on the musical stage. In the ZDF show "Welcome to Carmen Nebel" they enchanted as a vocal duo "Marjan & Lukas" now an audience of millions. In an interview with us the couple speaks privately about marriage plans ...

At first you only played love in "Romeo and Juliet". What was different about the first real kiss?

Marjan : Oh god, I do not know (laughs). Lukas : It all happened so slowly. At some point we have set a day: the 16th of May. We got together that day.

Is there something you can not do together?

Lukas : skiing. I do that since my childhood, Marjan never learned it as a northern light. And riding in the summer - Marjan has a horse allergy. Two sports, so I'm guaranteed to have my rest in front of her. (He winks, smiling.)

Do you sometimes consciously seek the distance from each other?

Lukas: No, it just happens with us. Marjan: That's right. But you should not do everything together. Otherwise you will quickly become comfortable in a relationship or argue unnecessarily. When you are as much together as we are, you need time out from each other.

What is your special difference?

Marjan: Sometimes I feel like we are like day and night. But we have similar values ​​... Lukas: The question was, what are we different from? Marjan: Well, how do I start ... (She thinks, she has to laugh.) Lukas: Actually in almost everything (laughs too). Marjan: When I'm in a good mood, Lukas is usually a bit calmer - or vice versa.

Will you get into the wool?

Marjan: But really! We are both pretty hotheads, we have that together. Lukas: In the first two years we were pretty exhausted. Now we are arguing less and less.

How do you show each other your love?

Lukas: By just making Marjan again a coffee that is nowhere else so good. Marjan: I get it every day. With small rituals we show how much we love each other. They prove that you have not forgotten in everyday life. For example, every morning I make toothpaste on Lukas' toothbrush.

Was there already a romantic marriage proposal?

Marjan: Yes, that's already barred - I got it one day before my 30th birthday. Now Lukas would have to make another application. But we are not in such a hurry. It's nice to be engaged.