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Mario G tze has a big heart for Lionel Messi and Marco Reus

Mario Götze Lionel Messi

He was not only the biggest star of the final evening, he also showed the biggest heart! Mario Götze made with two strong gestures to the World Cup King of Hearts.

Mario Götze Lionel Messi
Photo: @gotzemario on Instagram
We show the moving photos honoring the injured Marco Reus and his rival Lionel Messi shortly after the match.

More heart does not work! Mario Götze (22) scored the winning goal against Argentina, but then he remained firmly on the ground and in his greatest triumph not forgetting others, ennobles him and makes him almost immortal.

The most beautiful moments of victory of the German players are in the gallery:

That the reigning world footballer Lionel Messi (27) got the golden shoe of the 2014 World Cup as the best player, some German fans did not seem to like the exuberance of the feelings. Mario Götze, on the other hand, knew how to judge the performance of the Argentine exceptional footballer and posted a selfie with Lionel Messi (@gotzemario on Instagram) after the game. "Genius @leomessi #partofgoetze, " he commented on his snapshot. A big gesture and a sign that the two understand each other perfectly well, even if they are opponents on the pitch.

Mario Götze thinks of Marco Reus

But also against another player proved Mario Götze great team spirit. Because he once again made clear why the DFB team was so strong in Brazil: Everyone was a part of the team, whether caregivers, coaches, players, substitutes - or just the left because injured players. Mario Götze brought it to the point like no other, by holding a jersey with the back number and the name of Marco Reus in the cameras after the final victory against Argentina. He thanked us on Twitter with the following words: "Congratulations to the whole team. Your dream has come true! And thanks to my brother for the gesture :) Believe. "

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