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Man beats woman in video: Facebook users support him

In a video, a man brutally hits a woman. Some Facebook users support this. They even appeal to equality.
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Comments under the video prove the man right

A few days ago, a video surfaced in the net, in which a man brutally knocked down a woman. The comments below are frightening.

For some days a video is circulating on the internet in which a man brutally beats a woman . This then goes directly to the ground. Previously, the woman had insisted on the man.

The video was released in conjunction with a clear reference to the young women from Tübingen, who recently shared a 13-year-old girl's spanking and then a video of the incident on Facebook. The Facebook user who posted the man's video advises dealing with the young women who beat the young girl as well. It literally states: "Women who behave like men should also be treated like men. Age!"

In just four days, 5, 303 Facebook users marked the video as 'Like'. In addition, the clip was divided 443 times. But these reactions are still overshadowed by the comments below the video.

Below the video were more than 3, 200 comments, some of which were just shocking. Many Facebook users advocate that the man beat the woman and appeal in their comments even on the equality of the woman. In her opinion, emancipation should look exactly like that. Because when women behave like men, they should be treated as such. Literally it says, for example: "Who talks like a man, also gets blows like a man." Another user writes: "Who behaves like a man who is also treated like a man. One should speak the language with the people who understand it. "

But fortunately, there are still enough users who speak out against the glorification of violence and make it clear that no one should neither woman nor man should be treated as in the video shown.

"What's wrong with society, that such content is publicly shared and declared funny. This is not about feminism, but about the violence itself, but that in the video even a woman is hit with a fist, the tastelessness is still on the crown. How can you find something so funny. I'm shocked. "

Whether the uploaded video is really real or not can not be said with certainty. The comments below, however, already give the impression to be serious and that is why so enormously disturbing and shocking. There actually seems to be enough people to approve and support this practice. Thus, such a video can provide deep insights into our society. Such a kind of equality is certainly not desirable.

The user who originally posted the video has now deleted it. But that's why, like the comments below, it will not be forgotten for a long time.

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