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Macramee: That's how easy it is to make a garland

The macrame garland provides color in every room
Photo: deco & style

Colorful wall artist

This colorful macrame drapery of woolen threads rivals any picture. We'll show you step by step how to make the cool part.

You need it for the garland:

  • smooth wool in different colors
  • scissors
  • nails
  • hammer

And that's how easy it is:

1. Stretch a piece of smooth wool approx. 2 m long with nails against the wall.

2. Cut the bands the same length, each approx. 1 m. Double tap ribbons, fasten with a loop at short, regular intervals on the tensioned thread.

3. Now combine four ribbons and join them to macrame knots, as follows:

The two outer bands are the working bands, the two middle bands simply hang down and are not processed.

The outer bands are knotted around the inner ones. Start with the right band.

Place the right band over the two middle bands to the left, then under the left band.

Place the left band under the two middle bands to the right. Pull the left strap from the back to the front through the loop of the right strap. Now the tape is knotted.

Tighten the knot carefully. This node is the base node. Repeat this process twice. Then knot the whole row strand by strand in this way.

Hang 2 ribbons for the net pattern in the next row. Knot the next two ribbons with the first two ribbons of the second strand as described three times.

Knot the row again by strand by strand. In the following row start again with the first two threads.

Finish with a 4th row. Finally, cut all bands to a length.

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