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Do green juices make you fat?

Latte macchiato? Was yesterday! The health-conscious Reese Witherspoon starts her day with a Green Smoothies on the go. But is the juice really as healthy as everyone thinks?
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That's why some smoothies are real fatteners

Are green juices really as healthy as their reputation suggests? We reveal the not so sweet truth about the smoothie trend and reveal a recipe that you can enjoy without a guilty conscience.

Green juices not only taste super delicious, but are also the ideal slimming products! Through the healthy ingredients, the kilos tumble without much effort. Clear that Hollywood stars like Reese Witherspoon have discovered the miracle potion of spinach leaves, cucumbers, apples and Co. for themselves. As far as the common theory. But are the Green Smoothies sabotaging losing weight and making you fat in the end? We took a closer look at the superfood trend.

Alcohol is evil, cigarettes are harmful, fat makes you fat: everything is known. But the real devil of the daily diet hides - just in the sweet. Chocolate, soft drinks, Schnuckerkram, against a limited enjoyment of sweet treats is nothing wrong. But sugar is still hidden in many foods that we have actually saved as "healthy". Wholegrain bread, Greek yoghurt with fruits, muesli, almond milk, coconut water, balsamic vinaigrette - or green juices, sugar is hidden everywhere. On average, everyone comes to 25 grams of sugar a day, about six teaspoons. The continuous consumption not only makes you fat, especially on the stomach for more circumference, but has fatal health effects and can z. As lead to headache, indigestion or metabolic disorders.

Of course, sugar is not poison for itself. The body even needs sugar. Important: sugar is not the same as sugar. So an apple is much healthier than a glass of apple juice. Pure it contains by the fructose namely as many calories as cola. Only one sweet drink per day provides up to 7 pounds of weight gain per year, says a Harvard University study.

Reality Check: A smoothie of carrot, beetroot, and orange, as well as most veggie cocktails with apple and pineapple can contain up to 50 grams of sugar per glass, and even more, if agave syrup was used for sweetening, a true fructose bomb. Better: rather bitter juices, which for example consist of kale or spinach. Even drinks with mint, lemon, basil, cucumber, avocado or chia seeds can keep the blood sugar level in check.

The perfect, healthy green juice contains: four cups of water, an avocado, three cups of spinach, a handful of cilantro, the juice of two lemons, a teaspoon of chia, a peeled cucumber, a pinch of salt and half a cup of ice. Mix everything, done!

Our conclusion: If you want to lose one to two kilos on the fast, you can green juices (see recipe above) quite a few days to eat. But in the long term you should also rely on a balanced diet. Because there are no carbohydrates and proteins in the drinks, you should eat dairy products, chicken or legumes. After all, not the muscles but the fat should be broken down.