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Funny video: Dancing Ampelmen. Who is behind it?

Dancing Ampelmen in Lisbon
Photo: Youtube / smart

That should be everywhere

In Lisbon, "Smart" launched a new project: dancing traffic light men. They should protect against traffic accidents with pedestrians.

What if the red Ampelmann suddenly not only stands rigid but dances crazy? Would you stay with Red more often?

Red pedestrian lights are not only annoying but also dangerous - most accidents happen when pedestrians walk across the street in spite of red traffic light males. Smart had an ingenious idea to make more people wait. And it actually worked!

As a test project, Smart put on a marketplace in Lisbon a dance room: A black box, a small dance floor, screens. Pedestrians were invited to unpack their best and craziest dance moves in this box. No matter if belly dance, swinging arm or wild jumping around - there was no limit to the creativity of the dancers.

The funny thing: the movements from the box were transferred to a traffic light at the intersection. Real time! If the dancer in the box took a step to the left, the red Ampelmännchen also took a step to the left. When the dancer took his arms over his head, the red man gave way at the same time.

A simple concept. A big impact: 81% more people actually stayed in red to watch the traffic light man dancing. And the figurine also made for a good mood. In this funny video you can see what a good idea the dancing Ampelmann is.

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