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Funny quarrel: Little girl wants to marry her father

Demonstratively, the little girl stretches out her hand to which she thinks the wedding ring should be!
Photo: Screenshot / HamboneProductions

"I'm married to Daddy!"

Oh, oh, that's a nasty, but funny quarrel. The little girl is convinced that instead of her mother, she is actually married to her father.

It is said that the father is often the first great love of childhood for the daughter. Daddy is a hero to many girls - he plays with her and protects her from the nasty monsters under the bed. Boys are still stupid at this age, as it stands for a toddler quickly: "I just marry my dad!". But at the latest when the daughter gets older, she realizes that she should rather look for another man in her life. In the video, however, this finding seems to be still a long way off.

The little girl is convinced that she would not only marry her father someday, but is already married to him! Because her mother disagrees, a funny quarrel develops in the car, which the little girl does not find so funny. The daughter is rather appalled that her mother claims Daddy is her husband!

She keeps repeating her point of view, according to which she is married to her father and therefore her husband . Her mother is amused to the discussion, while the little girl is getting madder. The father can only be happy about such popularity! In a few years, the girl will surely find the fight just as funny as thousands of spectators already.