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Luise Will with friend in love happiness

Luise Will friend

The ex-GNTM finalist seems to have found her perfect happiness privately: on Instagram, Luise Will posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend - and made a wonderful compliment to him.

She smiles a little restrained, he beams past the camera with full force: Luise Will posted on 27.

Luise Will friend
Photo: @ luisewill on Instagram
April 2014 a photo with her friend, on which they both really happy, really sympathetic and really great look (@ luisewill on Instagram). The 19-year-old became third at GNTM in 2013, continues to work as a model and seems to be extremely happy in private as well. Her friend seems to be happy as well, who obviously explodes in this picture for joy at holding this pretty woman in her arms. And she returns his non-verbal compliment with the hashtags in the comment: #ilove #my #man & this #beautiful #smile. She is right!

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