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Linoleum - The floor covering for creative people

Nearly infinite colors and patterns can be realized with linoleum
Photo: Armstrong DLW

Residential trend

The flooring is thin and smooth, elastic and very durable, but almost unbeatable in terms of color and decor.

50s 80s

So far, linoleum only came off the roll, and it had to be fully bonded. As a rule, the rolls have a width of two meters so that the sheets can be laid with only a few joints. Emerging seams must be grouted later. In addition, laying systems have now been developed, as they are already known from laminate: finished elements in rectangular format of about 90 x 30 cm in size or as a 30 x 30 cm tile.

The wear layer consists of linoleum, including a wood fiber support plate and finally cork as impact sound insulation. The individual elements are put together and locked by a click system. The advantage: The elements can be applied without glue on any surface and are then immediately accessible. In contrast, rolls require several operations: The substrate must first be primed before applying the adhesive and laying the flooring. And that's how it works!

Linoleum is extremely easy to clean . Sweep, vacuum, wet wipe - no problem. There are special care products for linoleum in the specialist trade (ph neutral), many manufacturers also offer in-house funds. By nature, linoleum has an antistatic effect, meaning that dust and dirt do not adhere so quickly and are easily removed. An extra surface protection additionally reduces the maintenance effort.


Advantage of linoleum:

  • Environmentally friendly, since largely from natural resources
  • Large selection of decors
  • Special motifs are possible
  • color Stable
  • Durable, durable
  • Easy care
  • Antistatic
  • Low height (about 2-3 mm)
  • Elastic, flexible (sheeting)
  • Easy to lay (click elements)

Disadvantage of linoleum:

  • In the bathroom not recommended


Good quality is available from approx. 40 Euro / m² (both rolls and laying systems)

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