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Do men love better? 4 reasons for it

Actually everything is very simple - if you listen to his heart ...
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4 things we look for in terms of love of men

Do men love more in love affairs? At least most of us have one thing in advance: more serenity. And yes, there are really 4 more things we can look after from the men.

For too long we have tried to turn the men in our minds . They actually do a lot of things in terms of love, if not better. What four peculiarities you could look up in love affairs, we reveal here ...

1. This huge confidence that everything will be fine when you are only together - you can envy men. So definitely chop, because more serenity gives much more peace of mind .

2. The men's happy-end mentality may be a bit naive and romantic - but still gorgeous. So optimistic you should approach the love!

3. Your laziness in the relationship, just sitting back and not doggedly perfecting every detail - is great!

4. Do not let yourself be constantly driven crazy by others (friends, relatives) - yes, we will soon take that to heart as well.