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Lena Dunham: Her Emmy Awards dress causes a stir

Pink dream or haute couture monster? You really can not decide ...
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Why we do not know if we should love or hate the robe

At Lena Dunham the ghosts are divorced: critically eyed by some for their nonchalant manner, critically eyed by others for their candid appearances in the series "Girls". Also her Emmy dress offers conversation ...

It has given a voice to a generation of young women and demonstrated how disgusting New York life really is between unpaid internships, changing liaisons, and neurotic girlfriends . But for the honesty with which Lena Dunham portrays the problems of haphazard mid- twenties in her series "Girls", one can only really love her. Nevertheless, their choice of clothes for the Emmy Awards plunges us into an emotional roller coaster.

Normally, we would take this screaming screaming: From a bulky tulle monster with pink-red gradient looks up Lena Dunham with platinum-blond pot cut and unfortunately little beneficial make-up out. There is also a blouse in powder pink, which does not necessarily flatter the complexion of the actress. Ouch!

After the first shock, they still want to applaud Lena Dunham for her gown by Giambattista Valli: For just daring to put on what otherwise only models with size zero walk on the catwalk. That she is always herself and remains true to her distinctive style. And for being so happy on the red carpet next to boyfriend Jack Antonoff.

You just have to love her, this Lena Dunham ...