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Unfortunately awesome: These are the youth words 2012

The youth words of the year 2012

Justin Bieber

Wulffen, Pyro or Me Gusta - these are just a few popular words that the youth language gives these days. We have translated the Top 10 contenders for the Youth Word 2012 for you. The teenagers of today let their creativity run free - especially when it comes to the German language, as the "Langenscheidt" publisher has now found out. Once a simple "cool" was enough to describe the feeling, the "boring" word was replaced by the phrase "Unfortunately geil" - after the chart hit the band "Deichkind". Also superstar proved with his number one hit "Boyfriend" that he has "swag" - and all did it to him. The saying has meanwhile even made it into politics. The "FDP" party campaigned even successfully in the NRW election campaign under the slogan "Unfortunately geil" for their party. The top 5 of the colloquial words, in the race for the youth word 2012, we show you here: 1. "Unfortunately awesome" - translation: "Cool" .2. "Wulffen" - translation: lying or at the expense of others leben3. "Pyro" - Translation: Gigantic, insane4. "FU!" - translation: shit5. "Me Gusta" - Translation: Like me