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Legal Highs ": underestimated drugs in the German market

Some time ago, the "zombie drug" bath salts made speeches. People who took the drug attacked others, even ate their flesh: behaving the way you only knew it from zombies on TV screens.

Bath salts can be ordered legally on the internet
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Also in the German market you can buy bath salts legally on the internet . How is that possible?

So we go in search of and want to order the legal party drug "bath salts" on the Internet. And behold, even the third article in the Google search promises us bath salts with an "improved effect" and deeper fun. That this is not an addition to the bathwater, everyone quickly understands.

For 24 euros you can buy here a bag with a gram of the drug. Fittingly, it is already shown on the bag, how to consume the drug the best: You sniff them with a bill. Reminds strongly of cocaine.

So the bath salt is enlisted on a website

A special drug from the group of bath salts attracted attention in 2012. A police officer in the US had to shoot a man after he was in a frenzy to tear the face of a homeless man. Especially the hallucinations caused by the drug cause the zombie behavior.

In Germany, there are plenty of "Legal Highs", which are offered as fumigations, bath salts or scented fresheners on the Internet. The zombie drug "Cloud Nine" is available here as "Ivory Wave" for just 10 Euro in the 0.2 gram pack. But also much larger quantities can be purchased easily.

Why is there a "legal drug" in Germany? The main ingredient of bath salts is MDPV . The narcotic is not prohibited in Germany. It was even traded as a successor to Ritalin.

If a mixture of MDPV and other substances is banned after a lengthy and time-consuming analysis, a new product of similar composition will appear on the market. The possession of these drugs is a "gray area", according to the BKA.