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Lefties: Will the Zara outlet be available from us soon?

The Zara-Oulet Lefties could soon open in Germany

Is the cheap store in Germany?

Excuse me, Zara has an outlet ? Why did not we know about it? Lefties , founded in 1993 by Inditex, sells the Last Season merchandise of the Highstreet chain. How great is that? We reveal all about the outlet stores that fight H & M and Primark.

Currently there are Lefties (the name derives from the term "Leftovers", to German "leftovers") only 86 times in Spain, the home of the Inditex group, and 16 times in Portugal. Here are the shops that sell Zara goods from last season, great. So is there a chance that we can soon shop at Lefties in Germany?

The outlet was founded in 1993 to simply dispose of the remnants of Zara - but to this day, Lefties has undergone a facelift, including souped-up shops, its own website, and pretty campaigns. Meanwhile, there are even own lefties designs to buy.

Carlos Hernandez of the retailer "Planet Retail" said in an interview with Reuters that there is every chance that Lefties will open in other countries. "I think the brand could be exported to countries where Inditex has a bigger presence - like England or Germany, " he says.

We hope he stays right!

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