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Layla can not really see, but her father still conjures artworks for her

So magical: The little Layla from the US has an eye disease and must therefore every day for several hours wear a patch on her eye. Because she is so sorry for her father, he makes something very special for her.

So sweet: the little Layla's paving is a true work of art
Photo: Instagram / LaylasPatches

Layla has a lens opacity, which is alleviated by wearing a patch. The patch is intended to improve the diseased eye. This is done by masking the healthy eye. As a result, the sick eye automatically has to take care of everything. In children who are still developing, this type of therapy is quite successful.

But because his little daughter was so sorry for him, Layla's father started to draw a different piece of art every day on the pavement of the little ones. Since then, he has been publishing the miniature artworks on Instagram.


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