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La dolce vita: For the love of Wiesbaden to Italy

Photo: Catherine Wedel
  1. Catherine Wedel dares the step into a new life
  2. At first it was a love at a distance
  3. So started the 'emigration project'
  4. Happy in Genoa
  5. Italy: the new adopted country

Catherine Wedel dares the step into a new life

Catherine Wedel has always been drawn into the distance, but she never thought of life in Italy. Good that so many things come differently than we think.

England, France or Scandinavia - Catherine already felt at home in many places as a teenager. A home did not seem enough to her. After graduation, the Wiesbaden woman first went to London. For her studies of linguistics and literature, the young woman returned to Germany. But Wiesbaden should not remain her hemat.

In addition to traveling, Catherine discovered a second passion for herself: writing. The graduated literary did not omit a genre. Whether letters, diaries, poetry or short stories, writing became a life-content for her.

At first it was a love at a distance

It was also this passion that brought Catherine together with her current partner, an Italian rock musician. The couple got to know each other because Catherine helped her future and his band write lyrics. The friendship of the two quickly developed into more. For several years, the couple had a long-distance relationship. For a while, the relationship worked quite well at a distance.

But in the long run the couple went to the distance and the associated difficulties to the substance. They could not please everyone at the same time. The burnout of Catherine was the proof: it could not go on like this. A separation was out of the question. "Love was a fact, not an option, " says Catherine herself. So another solution had to be found.

So started the 'emigration project'

For a long time they were thinking back and forth. Who should go to whom? Who should leave the life of his partner behind for his partner? Catherine's Wanderlust finally made the decision. She decided to move to her friend's in Italy.

Catherine approached the 'emigration project' with very realistic ideas: "Paradise does not expect you anywhere, but you can make sure that you're lucky, which means realistic expectations, a clear view of the local situation and then a lot hard work." She already suspected that life in Italy would not be easy.

Happy in Genoa

But Catherine's courage paid off. The couple lives together with dog Ludwig in Genoa today and is happy as never before. Meanwhile, Catherine and her boyfriend are even engaged.

The native Wiesbadenerin has also set up several new professional legs. She works as a freelance language teacher, translator and spokeswoman. In addition, Catherine works on a bilingual children's book and her first novel. It all sounds like a lot. Is a new burnout maybe already within reach?

Not for Catherine. She is now sharing her work much freer and has found a way to avoid too much stress. Full-time, the 33-year-old is by his own admission "private person". It no longer distinguishes between private and professional life.

Italy: the new adopted country

For the new Italian, everything has turned for the better. She feels more than comfortable in her new home. Her life is fulfilled and very turbulent. Only with the wedding preparations it hapert, but only for time reasons. Once the Italian parents-in-law move in with one, everyday life alone is fulfilling and engaging enough.

If you want to know more about Cathrine, her fiancé and her turbulent life in Genoa, you can take a look at her blog "Expatriate in Tuscany - I whistle straight". We will definitely keep you updated on Catherine's wedding plans.

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