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Curious Theory: Does Monster Energy Advertise Satan?

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A conspiracy theory goes through the Internet

Hard to believe: Since the weekend makes a bizarre conspiracy theory on the net. The focus is on: Monster Energy Drinks.

A month ago, Red Bull was sued for making false promises to his customers with the slogan "Red Bull gives wings". The Swiss company paid 13 million to put an end to further allegations. Monster Energy is once again putting an energy drink in the limelight. But the allegations that a woman raises to Monster Energy are a bit more curious.

In a video posted on YouTube and Facebook over the weekend, a woman eagerly declares that Monster Energy will not promote anyone but the devil in person . The secret to the success of the drink is not supposed to be its recipe, but a secret message conveyed, among other things, by the design of the can.

For the large 'M' pictured in the center of the box could also be read as three single dashes suspiciously similar to the Hebrew letter Waw. This letter also stands for the number 6. The 'M' could therefore, as the woman explained below in the video, be read as 666, which would be a sign for Satan .

Even the 'O' in Monster, which is crossed out on the tin, should be an indication of the devil. The additional stroke symbolizes a cross. Here you might still suspect that the manufacturer has hidden a reference to the Christian faith. But not when it is drunk from the can. Because, it is said further in the statements of the woman, the cross is turned upside down, this is a sign of witchcraft.

A perfectly clear indication is also the slogan of Monster Energy Drinks . With their brand slogan 'Unleash the beast', the manufacturer would clearly call for unleashing the Antichrist himself.

The video, originally uploaded to Facebook by Andrew Belvins, has been viewed there over 16 million times. The reason for this is that media around the world now report on the bizarre statements of the woman.

From the side of the manufacturer Monster Beverage expressed so far no one to the reproaches.

Contributed by Andrew Blevins.