Recommended, 2020

Editor'S Choice

Motley flowered balcony box

  • Wooden balcony box (eg

      from car)
    • weatherproof red color
    • Balcony box suspension in suitable size / thickness (eg from OBI)
    • wide brush
    • 6-8 hyacinths in purple and pink
    • 6 fringed garden tulips in orange
    • 3 yellow primroses with ruffled flower margins
    • 2 small pots of Tazetten in yellow
    • potting soil
    • maybe some moss

    1. If necessary Paint balcony box red and let it dry.

    2. Half fill the balcony box with soil, carefully remove the plants from the pots and place in the box.

    3. Fill with more soil and press plants.

    4. Pour planting.

    5. Cover potting soil with moss if necessary.

    Tip: If the balcony box is exposed to the rain, you may need to drill some holes in the box for draining the water down.