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Cancer girl experiences the best proof of friendship

For the high school ball Brayden has come up with a very special surprise for the cancer patient Allie.
Photo: Debbi Jacobson Allen / Facebook

Common fight against cancer

At age 14, Allie was diagnosed with cancer. When the brave girl comes home from chemo, her boyfriend has an incredible surprise for her.

The annual Homecoming Ball is a very special event in America. After high school, old friends and classmates meet again. What has become of the former neighbors and who has changed the most? Most participants have been looking forward to the ball for a long time. Not so Allie. The girl looks at the reunion with a queasy feeling. Because she is one of the people who have changed and it is a change that every guest will see at first sight. After chemotherapy Allie has a bald head.

While her friends began to get interested in fashion, parties and the opposite sex, Allie had to deal with a very different topic of death. When the 14-year-old is confronted with the diagnosis of cancer, her life changes in one fell swoop. The girl has to deal with things that have nothing to do with the ease of being a teenager. She suffers from an anaplastic ependymoma, a fast-growing brain tumor.

So after 3 days of chunks of hair falling out, this happened today. She was so brave and strong and did not shed a tear (...

Posted by Debbi Jacobson Allen on Monday, September 21, 2015

But Allie does not give up even when her mother is also suffering from cancer. Despite setback they do not lose hope, instead mother and daughter face their fate and fight together against cancer. On a crowdfunding site, the fighter family collects money for the treatment.

Happy 17th birthday to this beautiful soul !! What a year it has been. You have shown me how to fight, be strong and ...

Posted by Debbi Jacobson Allen on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Weeks of pain and visits to doctors lie behind her as the day of the Homecoming Ball has arrived. The brave girl has survived the therapy well, but not without traces. One of the biggest side effects of chemo Allie is struggling with is hair loss.

Brayden Carpenter, an old friend whom the girl knows from school days, knows that too. With him Allie wants to go to the homecoming ball, he should take her part of the nervousness. But Brayden does much more than just stand by her side. The boy has a very special surprise: when he picks up his good friend to the ball, this can hardly believe their eyes. Allies Date has shaved off his hair. Brayden wants his girlfriend to feel comfortable with him and shows solidarity.

You can only wish for such a friend. Apart from the good act: The two are not only a great team, they also look incredibly good together! The bald head is not only Brayden, Allies pretty face comes through the missing hair all the more apparent.

Posted by Debbi Jacobson Allen on Monday, September 28, 2015

One may think that a missing hairstyle is one of the minor problems when you have cancer. But in a personal text Allie describes how much she really bothers her bald head:

"For some people, it's easy to say 'it's just hair, ' but it's tough when you're a teenager. I was always very freaked out on my hair if my hairdresser cut it just an inch too short. And I've always enjoyed tinting my hair in cool colors ... that started in 5th grade when I dyed it pink in case someone remembers haha. Sunday morning, I woke up with just two leftover tufts of hair and decided to do it like Britney Spears and shave my head. It was very hard for me, but I got over it and am not worried anymore. One of the pictures shows my scar that anyone can see now, but a scar is a tattoo with a better story, right? "

The power that radiates Allie is impressive. Their story shows how important cohesion in life is. With friends like Brayden and such a brave family, you can be sure you will never be alone, even at hard times.