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Cancer Symptoms: Warning signs to watch out for

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  1. prevention
  2. Changes in the chest
  3. Disorders of digestion
  4. Unexplained weight loss
  5. Persistent cough
  6. Unusual bleeding
  7. Hard lymph nodes
  8. Strong fatigue


Cancer - Germans fear us the most. Watching your body well is definitely important. The most common cancer symptoms.

Hardly a day without a small progress in the fight against cancer. Breast cancer, for example, can always be treated better. And the therapy for bowel or lung cancer is becoming more targeted. But a cognition today is as true as ever: the earlier a tumor is discovered, the greater are the chances of recovery. Therefore, early detection is as important as prophylaxis through a healthy lifestyle. Pay special attention to these cancer symptoms .

Changes in the chest

Hardening, dents, protrusions, redness or orange peel : If you notice any of these breast cancer symptoms on your chest, you should not just ignore this - but go to the gynecologist. Even better: do not leave such findings to chance, but examine your chest purposefully once a month . A guide can be found z. B. under

Disorders of digestion

If you often suffer from flatulence, abdominal pain and constipation, there may be a lot behind it. Among other things unfortunately also ovarian cancer. Let the complaints clear up. Fennel tea helps to alleviate the symptoms.

Unexplained weight loss

Nice, a few pounds down again! However, if this happens without you dieting or just having extreme stress, it's usually due to illness. Not always cancer, . But sudden weight loss should get you to the bottom. Especially for gastric or pancreatic cancer, this is a first cancer symptom.

Persistent cough

Lung cancer is often discovered late. Whether in the cold season or allergy season - everyone coughs. Quite a bit longer. That's why we often overlook coughing as one of many cancer symptoms . Always have complaints that persist for more than four weeks always clear: It may also be pneumonia or whooping cough . An X-ray examination clarity.

Unusual bleeding

If you notice a rectal bleeding at the toilet: Do not be shy and talk to your doctor about it. Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in women. Also bleeding outside of the rule you should tell your gynecologist. Often, the hormone balance is then wrong. Postmenopausal bleeding is always an alarm signal for abdominal cancer.

Hard lymph nodes

During a cold or inflammation in the body swell the lymph nodes - this is normal. However, for such no apparent reason, palpate an enlarged, hard, non-painful lymph node, e.g. For example, on the neck, on the collarbone or under the arm, always go to the doctor!

Strong tiredness

Extremely tired - and it does not get better by sleeping? Do not let it rest. Your doctor can use blood tests to test if this is one of the cancer symptoms .