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Decorating creative ideas: we make ourselves beautiful!

Decorate creative ideas: luck on the wall!
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Decoration ideas that show a lot of personality

Where, if not at home, can one really live the longing for security and nostalgia today? A little philosophy lesson about the great luck to redecorate. And many, many creative ideas!

Well finally! Finally, our world has become a little smaller and more comfortable again. We no longer set heaven and hell (and our overused account) in motion to hunt for luxury and explore distant lands, but instead focus on what gives us security. On our loved ones. Our home. Our talent to give warmth to those of us who are really important - and to beautify our own home, our mini-home, to the best of our ability. Pah, and that we still found it all pretty stuffy five years ago, is today perfect! That we had to shake off a few economic crises just to get ourselves closer again, well, that's really sad. But maybe the newly proclaimed "homing trend" would not have caught us in 20 years otherwise. But now we are already full in the "Everything has to be better" fever: Some clamp with apron and oven mitts to the stove and cook refined jam miracles for their friends, the others carry tons of small twigs home with each walk, with which they then decorate . Who wants to live like in a furniture catalog ? Small, very special Aufbübsch actions or trophies, which we capture at the flea market, only that give us this very special feeling of happiness: the pride of being able to shine with something individual.

And there is something else that makes it so important to us that our home is just as set up as we imagine. The well-known writer Alain de Botton, who deals with philosophical questions, explains it this way: "When we call a sofa or a chair 'beautiful', we are actually saying that we love the whole way of life and attitude that this piece of furniture is for symbolizes us, so the taste of the people reveals a lot about what they miss. " Because something like "peace" or "time for nostalgia" rarely finds a place in our everyday life filled with job stress and family orga- nisation, we live out the longing for it in our most private retreat: with styling maneuvers in our apartment. For example, De Botton himself lives in a very pure and white house, "which leads many to suppose that I am an extremely relaxed person, who is at peace with himself, but far from it, but that's exactly why I have one strong preference for this style of furnishing ". Not without reason are it by no means peasants or rural residents who like the cottage-chic. On the contrary: City people, annoyed by all the excitement, try with fervor to bring the beautiful feeling into the everyday life, which give a good old traditions.

But even if you want to search for the reasons for our new joy of comfort, cooking, crafts and gardening not only by psychology of depth, but everyone knows the downright embarrassing euphoric Juchzer that you have to let go when finally a wizened small plant shoots through the way the Earth has made - a small plant that you have pulled yourself, imagine that! Lucky researcher Peter Adler: "Gardening is so satisfying because this work is often quite complicated, you have to learn how it works, pay attention to the small signs - and then something blooms. what has been cultivated and planted in the fall is a success and we need success. "

To happily and often celebrate these happy experiences makes us richer. That's why in our gallery we show you a lot of creative ideas that you can easily use to make your home look great. Celebrate with us?