Recommended, 2023

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Pumpkin Wreath

You need this:

  • 2 layers of moss
  • 1 straw wreath underlay about 30cm (from the florist, from about 3.50 €)
  • green myrtle wire (from the florist / handicraft shop, roll from about 2 €)
  • about 8-10 small ornamental squashes
  • 2 some dried branches (collected by the florist or yourself)
  • 3 physalis
  • 3 stems of rosehips in red
  • 2 small Dekopilze (craft shop)
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • 4.20 m natural cord in beige
  • toothpick
  • scissors

It's that easy:

1. Place moss on the straw wreath and wrap with myrtle wire. Wrap the underside of the wreath with moss as well.

2. Place the pumpkins on the underside with 3 toothpicks and put them in the garland. If the stop is not sufficient, fix the pumpkins with the hot glue.

3. Spread branches on the wreath between the pumpkins. For better grip, clamp a few branches under the myrtle wire.

4. Fix physalis, mushrooms and rose hips with hot glue.

5. Divide the cord into 1.4 m long pieces.

6. Loop the cord sections at three points around the garland and firmly knot the ends at the top, so that two cords each approx. 60 cm long are created for suspension.

7. Hang the wreath on the cords.