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Competition for Cocktail Hugo: Helga and Inge are the newcomers

Elderberry, raspberry and ginger - three refreshing Prossecorschorlen.
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  1. Refreshing Proseccoschorlen
  2. Helga, the fruity one
  3. Inge, the worthless

Refreshing Proseccoschorlen

Hugo is the refreshment on hot summer days. It threatens competition: Helga and Inge want to bump the elder flower master with raspberry and ginger from the throne.

The symbiosis of Prosecco, mineral water and elderflower, refined with a touch of lime and a pinch of mint : a refreshing quintet. Hugo is more than popular on hot summer days. He is best friend and soulmate. He dries tears and makes people laugh. A gold piece among the cocktails . Hugo is everywhere. Or was Hugo everywhere?

His predecessor: Aperol Sprizz. Bright color, dark taste. With ready mixed bottles - the off. The harsh summer cocktail : history. A fate that could soon overtake Hugo Cocktail .

The potential successors already found: Helga and Inge . Coming out of nowhere and appearing as sisters. A dangerous addition to the house 'Proseccoschorle'. Mr Hugo has long been said to be boring, too sweet and too boring. ' Helga and Inge are to bring a breath of fresh air into the cocktail family, ' says father Soda and mother Prosecco.

Helga, the fruity one

Helga is the fruity of the three. Inge's sister and Hugo's twin - no one-man, but a two-man. Except for the berry sweetness, they hardly differ. The elderflower is replaced by fruity raspberry and turns into a true princess drink. Her visual appeal: a girl pink. Just as cute. And just as delicious.

Inge, the spicy one

The third in the league: the spicy Inge. It is similar to the two siblings and yet different. She has always been the adult, the sensible. Stronger in the taste, spicy on the palate. Her secret: Inge ginger syrup. An exotic sharpness that does not immediately appeal to well-meaning people.

Hugo is the golden mean: as sweet as Helga and as refreshing as Inge. Hugo is and remains a special feature. We love him for that. And his sisters too. 'Alone one is unique, together one is strong'.