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Knobi-killer: Daddy Turk against bad breath

Thank you very much: Döner, Pizza, Currywurst, ... Feasting is allowed!

Garlic smell adé! Papa Türk provides a fresh breath!
Photo: Papa Türk
  1. Knobi killer chlorophyll
  2. A touch of lime and mint
  3. From the crazy idea to the in-drink

Within an hour Papa Türk neutralizes nasty halitosis.

Who does not know the onion banner? Or the Knobigeruch? Just eat a kebab in the lunch break and then back to the desk? Locked out! The garlic pizza before the club visit? No way! Even worse: the Matjesbrötchen before the first date.

Bad breath adé! The soft drink Papa Türk fights nasty smells, refreshes breath and soul. The secret: chlorophyll.

Knobi killer chlorophyll

Most of the leaf green from the subject teaching is known. Chlorophyll gives the plants their green color and allows them to do photosynthesis. The natural substance has an odor-neutralizing effect and lends the refreshing drink its bright green color. During the digestion of foods onions and garlic, the chlorophyll molecules neutralize odors. And within an hour.

A touch of lime and mint

The refreshing drink is reminiscent of a modern tea-shower. Oriental teas give it a lime-minty taste. It tastes pleasantly sweet, but has only half as much sugar as cola.

From the crazy idea to the in-drink

Since last year the Knobi killer is offered in selected kebab shops. True to the motto ' Live and do not think about tomorrow ' (Bollywood film, 2003), Papa Türk suffocates the halitosis in his bud. The Bremen young entrepreneurs Roman Will and Jan Plewinski are pleased. Meanwhile, the tea shower is available in some supermarkets and in their online store.

The last after-work party was a little longer? No problem. Also against the alcohol flag after helping Papa Türk . Feast without thinking of tomorrow!