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Queen Silvia: Between Sweden and the USA

Queen Silvia of Sweden is currently swinging back and forth between Sweden and the United States.
Photo: Getty Images

She has to commute!

Many - not all - would like to travel around the world. For Royals something like this is part of everyday life and is therefore not always a pleasure factor.

For example, Queen Silvia (68) of Sweden currently "commutes" between Sweden and the US . A bone-hard job.

We recall: just ten days ago, right after the mammoth program surrounding the parliamentary opening in Stockholm, Queen Silvia flew to Washington - first for an ambassador reception, then, together with her daughter Madeleine (30), for conferences and events for her children's charity To participate in Childhood.

Hardly back, it goes back to the US .

Starting this Monday, King Carl Gustaf (66) and Queen Silvia will visit a series of events on change in agriculture with a delegation from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in New York.

Following this, the royal couple is expected in Minneapolis and St. Peter until October 6.

At home, Crown representatives Victoria (35) and Prince Daniel (39) have once again become powerful representatives of the crown. From baby break can therefore for both next week probably not talk ...