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Queen Silvia: Christmas with a difference

Queen Silvia celebrates Christmas with child and cone on Drottningholm Castle.
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The signs at the Swedish royal court for a peaceful, harmonious and scandal-free Christmas are good.

Drottningholm Castle is celebrated according to an old tradition - but, as one can imagine, this time it is completely different than usual!

The main character number one is undoubtedly the little princess Estelle, who is experiencing her first Christmas with her ten months and thus - like the Christ child in person - will draw all attention to herself.

However, Crown Princess Victoria (35) and Prince Daniel (39) are expected to visit Drottningholm with their daughter during the festive days. They say they want to spend the night in their Haga Castle, which is only a few minutes drive from their parental residence.

The main character number two is Chris O 'Neill (38). As a fiancé of Madeleine (30) and husband in Spe (married is known in early summer) he is now virtually (there may be something in between) to the family. Insiders reckon with it or hope that King Carl Gustaf (66) will announce the exact wedding date of the two at Christmas.

Main character number three, as always, is Queen Silvia (68), because on the 23rd of December she has her birthday (she turns 69) and thus opens the party.

Kings Silvia has now made herself a gift of a special kind just before Christmas in order to find inner peace. She hopes by an unusual thrust on the Internet platform of the court (, the unspeakable allegations for her father Walter Sommerlath finally to create the world, the posthumous (he died in 1990) was accused in the media, he had enriched himself during the Nazi dictatorship in Germany to Jewish property.

In a long, vivid video message, Silvia refers to research that has been previously published but is now available in book form ("The Forgotten Documents") and can be viewed on the Internet.

In it, it is concluded that Walther Sommerlath had helped the stateless Jewish previous owner to leave Germany through the (later disputed) takeover of a machine factory. "I see no reason to correct my image of my beloved father, " writes Silvia in the credits of the documentary.

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