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Queen of Flowers: The rose enchants spring

The rose is as varied as no other flower

Between reality and fantasy

Majestic, the rose weighs its voluminous flowers. If the beauty is staged in a fairytale setting, it is all the more fascinating.

The rose is probably the most famous flower in the world and not only captivates in classic dark red. In pastel shades such as rose, violet or apricot, the romantic-delicate flower invites you to dream. In combination with moss and fairytale accessories, the queen of flowers enchants the home in a native magic forest.

And that's how easy it is

For this purpose, individual rose stalks are inserted in Steckmoos or test tubes and covered with fresh moss. Glass domes focus on the voluminous flowers of the rose. The open bells are not much different to the conditions for the graceful flowers than in the vase. The shorter the stems are cut, the better the large rose petals are supplied with water.

Color spectrum and variety of shapes of elegant rose seem almost inexhaustible with more and more new varieties. Since the 18th century, about 4, 000 species have been described so far. Combined in different colors, these meaningful flowers need hardly any accessories for an impressive effect. In a tight bouquet framed by green branches and accented with single, long feathers, the rose is ready for her grand entrance.

So roses stay fresh for a long time

For long freshness in the vase the stem of the roses is cut obliquely, so the flowers can absorb a lot of water. The knife for the cut should be particularly sharp and the rose should be placed directly in room-warm water, so that the interface in the air does not immediately close again. Leaves that grow deep on the stem of the rose should be removed to prevent rot. For the longest possible enjoyment of the flower, the water should also be changed daily, the rose newly cut and the vase cleaned regularly. The location should be cool but not drafty and not too sunny.