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Kangaroo flower, Gloriosa and Medinilla bring the summer

These colorful house plants are perfect for the summer.

Tropical beauties enchant our home

Tropical beauties advertise an exotic summer with concentrated color. Kangaroo flower, Gloriosa and Medinilla ensure good mood and limitless jungle feeling.

The tropical beauties offer lush flowers in flaming pink, yellow, orange or pink and are an exciting home accessory with a summer feel.

The Medinilla features elegantly curling leaves, quadrangular stems and large, pink bells that, when blooming, produce a panicle with delicate flowers. With its large, green leaves and corkscrew-like flowers in deep red, bright pink or orange, set off with saffron yellow, the Gloriosa glamor radiates in modern living space. Her long stamens are at right angles to her petals and seem to float. The kangaroo flower grows from a rosette of pointed and narrow, green leaves branched, leafless stems, crowned by bizarre, small tubular flowers in red, yellow, orange or pink.

The exotic trio is always decorative and combined on a plant table with different heights, the jungle queens bring variety home and exude euphoria and anticipation of a colorful summer.

Coming from the tropics, all three house plants combine the desire for a warm location, but only the kangaroo flower tolerates full sun.

The medinilla likes it bright but not full sun, and for the gloriosa the weaker evening sun is warm enough. While the medinilla shows exactly how she is doing and asks for more water by letting her leaves hang or if her leaves and buds turn black when too much fluid is used, the kangaroo flower should always be held back.

The earth may dry out between the waterings. For the Gloriosa, it is important that the irrigation water can drain off to prevent waterlogging and thus not to damage the tubers.