Recommended, 2020

Editor'S Choice

Crackers with good luck

  • molded cardboard into rolls or finished paperboard rolls (eg

      Candy rolls, Smarties rolls or similar)
    • Slips of luck
    • Tissue paper in pink
    • aluminum foil
    • matching ribbon
    • Wrapping paper in different colors
    • Adhesive film (eg from tesa)
    • scissors

    1. Divide the cardboard rolls into sections of approx. 10-12 cm in length and insert the pieces of paper with the slogans rolled up.

    2. Wrap the rolls either with tissue paper or with aluminum foil, twisting the protruding ends as if they had been packed with sweets. For tissue paper, tie the ends with tape.

    3. Wrap bauble drops in the center again with wrapping paper and fix the end with adhesive film.