Recommended, 2023

Editor'S Choice

Sparkling candy

- wrapping paper in purple (department store)

- Gemstone glue (eg.

from Hobby Line; Craft store)

- Streuglitzer (eg from Hobby Line; craft shop)

- cracker (eg flags stain or department store)

- Double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)

- Paper plate

- Satin ribbon in purple and pink

- Scissors

- Brush or shish kebab

1. Cut the wrapping paper. Write the respective name on it with the jewelery glue stick.

2. Then sprinkle the streamer on the name as fast as possible over the paper plate. Let it dry and remove excess glitter with a brush or skewer.

3. Wrap the wrapping paper around the bangbonbon and wrap it with double-sided adhesive tape.

4. Bake sweets with loops.