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Gutter: This is how the exchange platform works

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Already a million users swap their clothes

Do you want to trade with me? eBay was yesterday. Today one sells, exchanges or gives away disused items of clothing via Germany's largest clothing exchange internet platform www. dress gyros .de . Among the currently more than 6.5 million items from wardrobes of one million users, everything is found: from shirts to trousers, jackets and accessories to sportswear and even wedding dresses.

"Every one of us actually has an over-crowded wardrobe, and yet we buy and buy, " says Sophie Utikal, one of the three founder of dressage garb. "If we pass on the clothes we no longer like, we can show other people an alternative to traditional consumption." Their goal: to make second-hand for everyone the first choice.

"Often new parts are already available at Kleiderkreisel, " says Sophie Utikal from Kleiderkreisel. In the current assortment one finds over 1, 200 articles in the comic style, over 6.700 parkas and 10.000 articles in the trendy check pattern .

At Kleiderkreisel not only can be swapped, but also exchanged. With absolute low tide on the account can receive with the exchange function for free the wardrobe an update. With the postal code search and the exchange in the hometown even the Porto is history.

The platform Kleiderkreisel wants to fight stylish against waste and for a new, social consumption. "In our wardrobes there are piles of unused clothing as we continue to buy and buy, " says Sophie Utikal. "Instead of buying new goods and boosting production, we encourage the unused to continue using clothing to a new story give."

Our tip: The popular online marketplace gadgets for fashion, accessories and cosmetics are also available as an on-the-go app . (Free, iTunes, Google Play)