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Dresses with sleeves: To conceal strong upper arms

Fantastic dress with sleeves in the Asian style, about 130 euros, abbascholz over sheego.
Photo: Anna Scholz for sheego
  1. The cut
  2. The drum length
  3. The colors

Airy and still dressed

Easily hide problem areas: With these styling tips and dresses with sleeves you can visually disappear "Winkearme" in no time at all.

Tops? For many women in the summer a horror. But why? Often women just do not find their upper arms nice. Little sport, a suddenly great loss of weight or even the aging elasticity of the skin on the arms can lead to - so-called "low-angle arms".

A little remedy can always create sports, but of course it takes time and costs. The quick alternative: clothes with sleeves, which cover especially the upper arms. Ideal for the summer: dresses with sleeves that are airy but hide the problem area . You should pay attention to these things when styling.

The cut

For dresses with sleeves, you should especially make sure that they are not too tight cut. What helps us the additional material, if he squeezes his arm and you can clearly see the Presswurst effect? Better: wide-cut sleeves. They give your upper arms freedom without making them visible and on top of that they are wonderfully airy for the coming summer.

The sleeve length

If the weather permits, you can access clothes that have short sleeves. But beware: women with strong upper arms should pay particular attention to the length. Stay away from wing or puffed sleeves, which are in doubt. Rather grab those that end shortly before the elbow. Also 7/8 lengths are optimal. When it is colder outside, confidently put on a dress with very long sleeves. Because: These stretch the arms visually in length and make strong upper arms look narrower.

The colors

Basically, with all styling tips for laminating: the darker the parts, the slimmer you will look. That's not different when it comes to sleeved dresses . Of course we do not always want to run around in black and dark blue in summer. Depending on the type and shape of the dress, decide whether the colorful model visually rests. Important: Solid models are easier to wear, parts with large dots and flowers often make strong arms seem a little more chubby.

In the end, however, always apply: Wear what you feel most comfortable with. Because your own perception often has a lot to do with the charisma. If you feel insecure in your dress, you may also see it.

Here are 30 dresses that do your self-esteem - and make your problem zone arm visually disappear.