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Dresses that slim - for spring and summer

Dress with black top and patterned A-line skirt, about 80 euros, Ulla Popken
Photo: Ulla Popken

These clothes cheat slimmer

The coming season will be airy and easy: These clothes are not only great to look at, they also conceal extra pounds in the right places.

When you are not 100 percent satisfied with your body, you often mumble around. Everyone really knows that! But the spring and summer is far too beautiful to always stress only with his figure or hide in other clothes. Come here with the merry summer things - and henceforth with the dim figure-thoughts!

Especially clothes are the ideal companions in the office or at leisure on warm days. But not everybody likes the current trends equally well. If you want to visually disappear a few problem areas in no time, you should choose dresses that make you look slim . To find them, you only need to consider a few small but effective tricks:

1. Wrap dresses are real figure flatterers. By overlapping the fabric at the middle of the body, a tummy is concealed and a waist conjured.

2. Even empire dresses (ie, those that are tied under the chest and then fall down in A-line), can hide a couple of padded too well. By an additional V-neck, the feminine sides come into their own.

3. Speaking of V-neck: Such a can stretch a strong or short neck visually in a dress in length.

4. Tight-fitting dresses, which are supposed to slim the stomach, ideally have gathers in the middle of the body. So small rolls, which would otherwise squeeze, laminated in no time.

5. Dark dresses are basically slimmer than those that have bright colors. Of course, in the summer you do not always like to run in black. Great are then clothes that are designed in two colors. One color should be dark, but the other part of the fabric may be colorful or patterned (like the dress above). Even side-sewn dark areas, make you look slimmer.

6. Dresses with 3/4-long sleeves hide strong upper arms wonderful. Try not to buy the sleeves too tight. When the fabric cuts in, the look gets the pressed sausage feeling.

7. Avoid applying to your problem areas because they are wearing up. You have strong hips? Stay away from clothes with pockets on the sides. The same goes for tops. A big breast is even bigger with pockets. Through such or similar elements, such as sequins, etc., the focus is directed to the body of the body to be concealed - and that is of course not in your interest.

You need a bit of inspiration, which clothes are there? These cheat problem areas away: