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Clear message: This is how a lesbian couple proclaims their pregnancy

Photo: / User: MeggoEggo1

"I am not the father"

Anyone who announces his pregnancy these days, would like to come up with something special. Like this lesbian couple whose creative pregnancy announcement goes around the net.

"I'm pregnant." If you look at the face, the brunette woman, who is happily stroking her stomach, you immediately believe the message on her T-shirt . Yes, that's what happy pregnant women look like.

Also, the person next to her interferes with the pregnancy announcement : "I am not the father" - no, in this case does not say a man who insists on a pregnancy test. But the girlfriend of the pregnant women.

The photo, which was posted by the lesbian couple on the online platform "", triggered a discussion there immediately: How does a lesbian couple decide who is the child of the two partners? Does it bother the couple that the child will grow up without a male attachment? The casual answer of the couple: "Most of our friends are male, my brother is one of the most important people in my life, our child will meet enough men and grow up with love." Love of two women. "That sounds quite fair for so far me, "

We also find that! And with this humorous image, the two will certainly reach many critics and inspire rethinking!