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Kitkat fillingKitKat: The secret to the filling has been revealed

Outside chocolate, inside - yes what? British TV station BBC has revealed what is really in KitKats.

Now it's out: that's the stuff of KitKats.
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Since 1975 KitKat is already offered. Today, the Nestlé group is responsible for the production of the chocolate biscuit bar. Nestlé bought in 1988 the company Rowntree's, which originally produced KitKat on.

For several decades, KitKat has built a huge fan base that spreads all over the world. Could it change now, based on current BBC news? For research has shown that inside the bolt hides something that hardly a KitKat lover should have expected.

Because the KitKat filling is made on the basis of KitKat bars, which were damaged during production in any way and thus become unusable for sale. Julie Walker, a Nestlé employee, told the BBC: "They (the damaged bars, editor's note) are all further processed and used to fill the waffles, we sort out all those that do not meet the standard."

So behind it is basically a clever recycling method. Actually, it is good to know that recycling is not an absolute foreign word in the food industry either.

However, fans of KitKat, for example, vent their anger over the revelation on Twitter.

On the other hand, the BBC television station, which accompanied the production of bars in York, praises Nestlé's actions. The report was first aired in 2015. But only now, after he was sent again, he made for such headlines.

Now, there's only one question left: if KitKats stuffing is KitKats, how was the very first KitKat produced?