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Knitting your own pillow - cottage magic for autumn and winter

If you, like me, live with several people, and if they are men too, you probably will not have a deco-technically easy life, as I do.

A cozy pillow for the cottage magic made easy
Photo: Fotocredit: Sandra Kirchner

The men here in the house are always too practical for me. For them, everything has to have a "sense" and "just not candles everywhere" ...

Things that just look beautiful, that are decorated for their own sake, simply do not occur in their thinking! It gets bad when they feel "limited" by my decoration and furnishing love, for example through the wrong pillows on the sofa.

No pillows that look nice, but are hard or scratchy, that are white and delicate. My idea, to knit a coarse pillow from the Dröm yarn in old pink, they have thwarted me, for example, with excerpt threats. Since then I gave in first, I'm hanging on family peace.

Photo credit: Sandra Kirchner

But I did it. I have found a yarn in the right color, which is nice and soft, lightweight, combines male practice love with my decollete and then easy and quick to knit! Perfect! The men here in the house are very happy with it and when Karla directly looked at the sight, she would also like one for her room, it was clear, it is a unisex pillow, a cross-gender living element - where is it already ...

For me, it fits great for the coming fall / winter. Due to the braids, it is at the same time cozy and slightly rustic on one side, restrained and noble on the other. It easily adapts to any style. With us it was already in warmer weather outside on the raw wooden bench, in the rain on the sofa and on the turn-buck.

Photo credit: Sandra Kirchner

I called the pillow "Hüttenzauber", because as it was so easy on the rough wooden bench, it reminded me of ski huts, equipped with such pillows, skins, fireplaces and warm drinks. All that I like in autumn and winter, and what does not exist in summer. Candlelight, when it gets dark outside early, small table lamps here and there, warm socks and cuddly blankets, fireplaces and apple pie.

From now on you can find the set of cottage magic in the shop, as always with or without needles, just as you need it

A KNITTING INSTRUCTION for a nice WOOL CUSHION by wunderweib is here

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