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Kirstie Alley wants to dance and a man

After slimming, Kirstie Alley has big plans

Kirstie Alley


Currently, Kirstie Alley is mutating once again under the watchful eye of the public in her reality show Kirstie Alley's Big Life from the ton to the handsome woman, but she also has big plans for the time afterwards. Even if, after the divorces of Bob Alley and Parker Stevenson, her mind is no longer on marriage, she still wants a love affair. Her problem: she thinks men of all ages look like Lloyd Bridges but at the same time she is no cougar who hunts for much younger guys. We suspect that it's not just the age question that makes Kirstie Alley single, but her taste for the unattainable and that she likes to congratulate herself. After all, she had last asked no lesser dream man Jamie Foxx in the Oprah Whinfrey Show for a one-night stand! Perhaps it will work with the yes soon, if she works after the successful emaciation also on their sexy moves. She wants to break and break as a candidate for the dance show Dancing with the Stars. Whether the new line of organic dietary products she recently launched, or her good connections to Scientology, help her achieve her ambitious goals? If it does not work out with all this, probably only the frustration with cream tarts remains - and then the whole theater begins again!