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Child benefits are available from January only with tax number

Child support will only be available in the future with a tax number
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  1. From January, there are changes in child benefits
  2. If possible, submit by 1.1.2016
  3. Payment is not set
  4. Which number is that again?

From January, there are changes in the child benefit

Only if the family funds have the tax number identification numbers, you will receive child benefit from January. What do you need to do now to continue receiving child support?

It should be prevented in the future that child benefit is paid twice. Therefore, parents only receive their child benefit if the family fund has the tax numbers of both parents and children.

If possible, submit by 1.1.2016

If you have not yet specified the tax identification numbers at the family fund, you should do so by 1.1.2016 if possible. Otherwise, you risk having to repay the child benefit that you will receive from January 2016. If you are unsure whether the family fund has your tax numbers, you should ask better.

Payment is not set

If you are already receiving child support, you do not have to be afraid that payment will be suspended from January due to missing tax numbers. You can submit them during the course of 2016. But if the persons entitled to child benefit can not be identified for tax purposes, they will be paid the child benefit retroactively as of 1.1.2016.

Which number is that again?

Where do you get the tax identification number from? The tax identification number is issued by the Federal Central Tax Office and is valid for a lifetime. Children get their tax identification number after birth.

You can find your tax identification number in your income tax assessment or on your employment tax statement. If you do not find your tax identification number or the number of your children in your documents, you should have them sent back quickly so that you can submit them to the family fund before 1.1.2016. It takes up to six weeks to receive the numbers! You can inquire about them via the internet portal of the Federal Central Council for Taxes.