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Kim Kardashian and her shapewear accident

Kim Kardashian Spanx

Kim Kardashian trains hard to make a great figure in any outfit. But it looks like Kanye West's pretty wife is still not completely satisfied with her body.

Kim Kardashian
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She is not wearing shapewear for the first time and unfortunately the slimming makers are once again unsightly under a skin-tight dress.

Kim Kardashian was in New York on June 27, 2014 for her reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians, " dressed in a tight, beige dress. Unfortunately, so close that it was more than unsightly shapewear, both in the chest area and on the thighs. A no-go!

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On her Instagram page Kim posted some photos of the daring look. However, she skilfully chose shots that give no hint of the Spanx and thus collected Likes diligently. Kim does not only wear undercover slimming products under skintight outfits. In the last few days, she let them out twice unintentionally. But okay, in Hollywood, Spanx is the order of the day. Other stars like Katy Perry are open to shapewear and often wear them with a wink. Take an example, Kim!

Kim Kardashian is unvarnished much more beautiful than make-up!