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Kick Flare Jeans: We all want this trend now

The Kick Flare Jeans is the model of the summer
Photo: Tracdelight / Asos

Below a little further and cut short: Kick Flare Jeans are the trend of the summer

These jeans are something special: And they were guaranteed not there yet. The kick-flare was already available last summer. But this year she is an essential part of your wardrobe.

A light punch, a bit shorter and definitely cut off . The Kick Flare reminds us a bit of the summer movies of the '60s, when Brigitte Bardot, with a shirtless blouse and ribbon in her hair, twisted her head. And that's why the Kick Flare fits so well this coming summer. After all, you will not be able to get past shoulder-blouses this summer either.

If you do not have a kickflare in the closet yet, there is also a great DIY trick for you: just take an old pair of flares and shorten them to the right length. The jeans get the right look, if you wash them once, because then the end freaks out really nice.

Here are our ideas for the perfect look for kickflare jeans:

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