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Kelly Osbourne shows bikini figure

Bikini stars: Kelly Osbourne

Ahoy! What hot captain is here in the sun?

Kelly Osbourne in bikini
Photo: @kellyosbourne on Instagram
The answer: Kelly Osbourne is happy about this sexy bikini snapshot.

Kelly Osbourne has every reason to be satisfied with her bikini figure! In recent years, the 29-year-old has slimmed a good 30 kilos. And the result is really good!

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Proof of this is the snapshot showing the Ozzy Osbourne scion sunbathing in underwear, dressing gown, and a captain's hat.

Kelly proudly shared the photo on Instagram on October 12, 2014 and her comment sounds proud as well: "This photo is so good for my self-confidence! Sch *** on it, I look good! "We can only agree.

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