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No winter without ... Acne Canada Scarf!

Editors and fashion bloggers love the Acne Canada Scarf! Here: Saara Valjakka, Marketing Director at Dior Homme Leather, with a model in cherry red.
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This trend scarf is a true classic

Absolute Have Want Part of Winter: The Acne Canada Scarf. Why the oversized scarf from Sweden now wants every fashion girl, we reveal here.

That Sweden often sets the trend in fashion, should now be clear to everyone. Especially the fashion of Acne is an international hit. The innovation recipe: Each piece is individually designed, but clear, and can be easily combined with other labels. A real cult part of the label: the Acne Canada Scarf . He is not just a season chic, but a true classic.

The Acne Canada Scarf keeps you warm, straightforward, classically chic and proves that winter does not mean the ice age when it comes to fashion. The soft scarf is made of 100 percent lambswool. The great thing: the size! With its dimensions of 200 cm x 70 cm, it is fluffy and oversized enough to cuddle up in the winter.

Cost of the Musthave of the season: 130 euros. Not a bargain, but with its timeless look your new favorite scarf will surely stay with you for a few more winters. All you have to do now is choose one color: Acne is currently available in wine red, navy blue, black, dark green, gray or off-white.

For example, you can shop at Acne Canada Scarf at, or at

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