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Kitchen block with oilcloth refer

  • 1 serving trolley "Bekväm" (eg

      from IKEA, 39.- €)
    • Acrylic varnish or 2-in-1 varnish in pink and white (eg from Alpina, DIY store)
    • Brush or fine-pored paint roller (hardware store, from approx. 1.50 €)
    • Oilcloth (eg about Kitsch Kitchen or decoration department, from about 19 .- / m)
    • Spice rack (eg "Bekväm" from IKEA, 2.90 €)
    • scissors
    • stapler

    1. Paint the legs of the trolley pink and let it dry.

    2. Paint the lower part of the worktop attachment on the edge and let it dry.

    3. Cut out of the oilcloth a fitting piece for the work surface plus 4 cm margin allowance.

    4. Tightly sew the oilcloth on a lower edge and pull it over the plate.

    5. Firmly tackle the opposite side and do the same with the other 2 sides.

    6. Screw the spice rack firmly to one side and fill with spices.