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Katy Perry: Separation of Russell Brand via SMS

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are no longer in contact after divorce SMS

Katy Perry and Russell Brand / IF

Katy Perry, who graces the July cover of the US Vouge, reveals in an interview with this, that her ex-husband singer Russell Brand have separated from her by SMS. A total no-go has made singer and actor Russell Brand As his ex-wife Katy Perry revealed to American Vogue, he ended the marriage with a text message. Since then, both have had no contact with each other. Katy Perry and Russell Brand were only 14 months together after they were officially divorced in July 2012. Katy admits in the interview that she would have toured a lot during her marriage. She also said that Russell had problems with having a strong woman by his side. Was this the reason for Russell's separation? Apparently there were other reasons she did not want to mention. Russell Brand is ok for Katy Perry But thank God, she is over the separation from Russell and the topic is long gone. Since 2012, Katy has been with the singer John Mayer every now and then. The on-off relationship ended with a breakup in the spring. In an interview with the Vouge, she admitted that she was and still is in love with Mayer. That the relationship did not work.KH

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