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Kate Middleton and Prince William have common ancestors!

Kate Middleton and Prince William are a little bit related!
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Marriage still allowed?

You only have to research long enough, then it turns out that everyone is at least a little bit related to everyone. In any case, Prince William (28) of Britain and his longtime friend Kate Middleton (28) have now been certified by Genealogists that they, too, have common ancestors in the pedigree . With Prince William, one has to look back 12 generations in the paternal line, to meet a certain Sir Thomas Leighton . He also appears in Kate Middleton's ancestral series, eleven generations back. The man was an officer and royal governor on the Channel Island Guernsey. The fact that Sir Leighton was almost hated by the island's population is indicative of poor leadership, but is no longer relevant today. He is largely forgotten on Guernsey. But if you ask yourself whether Kate Middleton and Prince William are allowed to marry after this revelation , let them say: you are allowed to. Their common roots are so far in the past, that one can barely speak of Blutsbande.